Victor Hayden art exhibition

Here’s a rare event …

Victor Hayden, aka The Mascara Snake, has an exhibition celebrating his work from the past 30 years.

Victor Hayden artwork

There is also an opportunity for the first time to buy one of the 150 drawings he has decided to let go for $150.


East Austin Art Gallery
2235 East 6th Street Unit 105
Austin, TX 78702


16 March through April 2011

The opening night event, which Victor will be attending, is on 16 March and starts at 7pm (until 12am). Beer and wine will be served.
A documentary is currently being filmed about Victor at the same time.
In the parking lot there will be a live graffiti show featuring Sloke, Robby Hull and Trill City Kings from 16 – 18 March, 2pm – 7pm.
For more information ring 512-966-9308 or visit the East Austin Art Gallery website (NOTE: THE GALLERY IS NOW PERMANENTLY CLOSED)


  1. Looks like ya got too many aitch tee tee pees there in your you are ell, lil' feller.

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    Chris Yanke

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