Fast and Bulbous : The Art of Victor Hayden

May 11 – June 8, 2019 • Fast & Bulbous: The Art of Victor Hayden, curated by Anthony Ausgang

Lisa Derrick Fine Arts will be presenting Fast & Bulbous, an exhibition of drawings and paintings by Victor Hayden (1948-2018), aka The Mascara Snake, with an opening reception May 11, 2019, from 6pm to 9pm.

The gallery is located at 961 Chung King Road, in Los Angeles Chinatown.

Victor was an ephemeral member of The Magic Band (Don and he were cousins). He contributed both art and music to Trout Mask Replica and  also painted the artwork on the cover of the band’s 1974 release Bluejeans And Moonbeams.

In the ensuing years, Hayden lived between Southern California, Portland and Seattle, painting and drawing for gallery exhibitions and creating art for notorious post-hardcore performers such as GG Allin, The Melvins and others. The Melvins recorded their first album for Alchemy Records, Gluey Front Porch, the label Hayden co-founded.



Hayden’s long-time friend, best-selling author Miss Pamela Des Barres explained in her book, I’m With The Band, that in the early ‘60s,

Victor blew my innocent mind with radical departures from the truth as I knew it.


Contemporary writer and Pop Surrealist painter Anthony Ausgang agreed to curate Hayden’s art from Des Barres’ extensive archives of his output. Says Ausgang,

Although Hayden is most well-known for his time with Captain Beefheart, the selection of drawings, paintings, and sculptures at Lisa Derrick Fine Arts proves him an essential artist in his own right.

Along with Hayden’s black and white ink drawings, Derrick and Ausgang will be exhibiting the artist’s paintings and a signed portrait of Hayden by Don.

“Fast & Bulbous: The Art and Life of Victor Hayden” will be the subject of a panel discussion which will include curator Anthony Ausgang and Pamela Des Barres as well as others who knew Hayden, Sunday June 2 at 1:30pm.


As part of the build up to this exhibition Ausgang set up a Facebook page on which he has been posting not only examples of Victor’s art but also some fascinating photographs of him and Don as children, their families (Victor’s and Don’s mothers were sisters), life at the Trout House and other assorted ephemera.

Don and Victor playing together at Forrest Lawn, Glendale


All images used by with permission.

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  1. Hi my name is Travis Dean, I was a friend of Victor I have 30-40 pieces of his original artwork. I am planning on moving out of the country and cannot take everything with me and would like to sell most of them. Can you please give me a call or email me. Thanks 253-678-6630

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