Twenty Fifth Century Quaker meets The Spotlight Kid

In 2010 some interesting articles began appearing on the Yahoo Associated Content website under the byline of Grant O’Neill. As they seem to have gone missing, or just hard to find, the author has agreed for copies to be posted here at the Radar Station.

Grant is a pseudonym for Don Aldridge a guy from Lancaster who knew Don and many of the Magic Band back in the sixties. I spoke to him many¬†years ago and part of that interview was printed in the ‘Steal Softly Thru Snow’ fanzine.

Don Aldridge is an American ASCAP songwriter, author and publisher who has worked with a number of artists including Merrell Fankhauser, Billy Preston, Reverend Johnny Otis, Kathie Lee Gifford, members of Steely Dan and Toto, and the Archers. He is a former co-editor and publisher of the critically acclaimed original Antelope Valley regional lifestyle magazine, and has worked for 20 years in the advertising and publishing industry.

I asked about these new articles about Don Vliet and he told me that he wanted to “discuss the Don most people haven’t met” … and that’s just what he’s doing in these vignettes.

It’s fascinating stuff … so check out these pieces:


  1. Really enjoyed reading these posts.

    On a side note, I attended a Henry Rollings "talking show" in Sacramento in June 2010. He told a great story about going to see a Captain Beefheart exhibition in Santa Barbara in the '80s. Hank said that the show was great and that it was even better because the good Captain was in attendance.

    Sadly, Beefheart was in a wheelchair. Hank and his friend Joe Cole followed quietly behind the Captain in reverence. Beefheart approached each one of his paintings, waved his hands quickly in the air, and *threw hexes on each one his paintings!*

    What an image – what a story.

  2. My husband is a huge fan and has several records (yep, he kept all his vinyls, which are making a comeback we've noticed). I wonder if he has seen this post about articles by Grant O'Neill. He'd probably have fun taking a trip down memory lane…

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