Trust Us lyrics

Originally appeared on Strictly Personal

The path is the mask of love, a way, a way
The flow is the task above today,
There is no other way (repeat)

You gotta trust us when y’ need a friend
T’ find us y’ gotta look within
Y’ gotta trust us (repeat) before y’ turn t’ dust (repeat)
Y’ gotta see before y’ see
Y’ gotta be before y’ll be

(we love you)
Y’ gotta touch without taint
Y’ gotta hear without fear
Y’ gotta feel t’ reveal
Y’ gotta touch without taint
Such is IS n’ AIN’T is AIN’T (repeat)

We’re for you, love you, with you, love you, just a few

We love you, we tell you true we love you

The path is youth, n’ let the dyin’ die
The path is life, n’ let the lyin’ lie
Let the dying die let the lying lie
(trust, trust, trust)


Checked with Herb Bermann’s original lyric sheet.


  1. I hear it as:

    You’ve got to touch without taint.

  2. Thank God you guys are still around! Great job.
    I have just a tiny quibble about one line of lyrics printed above in Beefheart’s Trust Us.
    I hear:
    “We’re for you, of you, with you, all of you, just a few”

    Of course there’s no way to be sure now that Don is gone, but that is what I always heard.
    Bob Mehling

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