Trout House up for sale

Charlie Rosenkranz, the current owner of the Woodland Hills “Trout House” where the Magic Band lived and conceived Trout Mask Replica, emailed me today to say the house is on the market again.

You can see the seller’s info online and it has some great interior shots which I’ve never seen before. My favourite is this detail of one of the doors:

Trout House detail

If you have a spare $325,000 and your enthusiasm for Trout Mask Replica knows no bounds, this would be an unbeatable bit of memorabilia.

Charlie writes:

It’s up for sale.  I injured myself several months ago and haven’t been able to work or complete all the Trout House restoration that I had planned on – bad news for me but good news for anyone who wants to buy it, because it’s being sold as a “short sale,” at an incredible price. It was just listed on Saturday and there have been nonstop viewings of the place every day. So someone will definitely buy it real soon, but I was hoping it will be someone who appreciates the history of it and wants to preserve it, not tear it down and build something bland and boring.

4 years ago it was on the market for $850,000.00, reduced from about a million (at that time along with some extra land).  It’s now up for sale for $325,000.00. (Stupidly cheap, in my opinion!)  We’re taking a real hit on selling it, just can’t afford to keep it right now.  But it’s a fire sale price for any fans if they want it but couldn’t afford it before.  And most of the remaining repairs are easy, cosmetic things.

So if any fans or any of your friends are interested, they should check it out quick.

Good advice, thanks Charlie.

We’ve written about the Trout House a few times over the years, including when it was last on the market four years ago.

If you visit, or even buy it, please do get in touch!


  1. Dang, I would buy it if I could only find that $325,000 I lost in the sofa cushions.

    1. This needs to be bought and made into a museum somebody!! Call Matt Groening!!

    1. Don’t know. Hopefully someone who doesn’t mind fans standing in front of it and taking photos!

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