John French revisits the Trout House

John French and Ian McArthur at the Trout House

We received a mail from John French who recently went back to the house where Trout Mask Replica was created.

I thought might be interested in a picture of Ian McArthur, my Scottish friend, and I up by the “Trout House” as I call it. We visited the place on February 3rd and as you can see, it was a beautiful day. The present owner was aware of the house’s history and kind enough to take this picture and send it to me.

The house was built on the middle lot of three adjoining lots that was part of the original property. The present owner is building a new 3-story home down and to the right of the original house. He’s living in the original house with his wife and showed us around. They are doing extensive repairs and the place is really looking a lot better. I think the paint on it is the original paint that was on it forty years ago, but they are re-painting.

We are very grateful to John French, and to the present owner who readily agreed that we could use his photograph here. The owner tells us that he may be doing a website on the Trout House at some point, with photos and stories that he’s gathered since living there.

See John French’s account of revisiting the Trout House in 2000.

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