The Magic Band at Minehead

These photographs show The Magic Band playing at ‘Ten Years of ATP’, a music festival in Minehead, on Sunday 13th December. Click on the images to enlarge them.

Magic Band live 13 Dec 09 part 1

Magic Band live 13 Dec 09 part 2

Magic Band live 13 Dec 09 part 3

Magic Band live 13 Dec 09 part 4

Magic Band live 13 Dec 09 part 5

In the annotated set list keen followers of The Magic Band will spot some interesting differences between this concert and previous appearances.

Magic Band set list 13 Dec 09 part 1

Magic Band set list 13 Dec 09 part 2

Magic Band set list 13 Dec 09 part 3

Magic Band set list 13 Dec 09 part 4

The Magic Band MySpace page contains lots of interesting information including brief biographies of new members Eric Klerks and Craig Bunch and some notes which John French wrote about recent Magic Band rehearsals.

Samples from a recording of a previous Magic Band show, one of three scheduled to be released in February on Vinyl, CD, and mP3 downloads can also be heard there.

We hope to bring you news of more Magic Band activity in 2010.

Thanks to Louis Mills for his photographs and invaluable help.

Update 26 December: John French has posted his recollections of Minehead at The Magic Band MySpace page and a short review of The Magic Band set has appeared at Drowned in Sound


  1. French is SUCH a muso nerd – but I love him ;-)

  2. Am not! I love you too! But that's not a set list, it's sound man cues. I have a friend who's a muso nerd. Whenever I play him something, he asks questions all the way through it… when recorded, whose on bass, what studio, what year. I've learned to let him read everything first, then when he's done, I play it for him — hopefully without interruptions.

  3. Hey Drumbo! Pleeease release a recording of the Minehead gig! (You must have made one.) There were so many people who would love to have heard the new stuff, but didn't have the opportunity.

  4. I played a lot of bad sax notes at Minehead. Couldn't hear myself at times, and probably better off for it! I have no idea as to the complications of release of that particular live event. Most of the time, this kind of thing doesn't sell enough to break even, so no one may touch it. Do look for the 2005 live material on Sundazed released Feb. 2010. It's pretty good stuff.

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