The Essential Gary Lucas – retrospective CD

Released January 29th 2021 through NYC’s Knitting Factory Records, Gary Lucas’s 40 year career is celebrated with this 36 track 2CD set.

The first CD concentrates on songs recorded with Gary Lucas’s art-rock psychedelic supergroup Gods and Monsters. The second CD is devoted to Solo, Rarities and Collaborations.

Drawing on a wealth of material – including rare and previously unreleased tracks — the deluxe double disc package offers ample evidence of this maverick artist’s trailblazing and unique career — going back to his earliest appearances on record and stage with Captain Beefheart in the early 80’s, which put Gary on the musical map … to his groundbreaking work with Jeff Buckley (Gary co-wrote and played on Jeff’s famous anthems “Grace” and “Mojo Pin” — the first two songs on Buckley’s 2 million-selling “Grace” album) … through his extensive cross-genre catalog legacy of 35-plus albums in his own right, albums which cover the waterfront creatively.

Everything from psychedelic rock and world music excursions (30’s Chinese pop, Hungarian Folk, Indian Blues Ragas and more), to film music, classical music, electronica, jazz, blues, folk, avant-garde, you name it — Gary Lucas has nailed it — his virtuoso guitar and soulful, bluesy spirit unifying it all.

This album brings together Gary’s favorite tracks — nearly 160 minutes of music — with annotations to each track from the man himself.


For the Beefheart fan there are three tracks included as part of the second disc:

  1. Her Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles
    With Nona Hendryx on vocals from the World of Captain Beefheart album
  2. Flavor Bud Living
    During the 1980 tour Gary would be brought onto the stage by Don to play this intricate solo piece. This version was recorded at the Beacon Theatre, New York.
  3. Evening Bell
    Originally played by Gary as a solo piece on the Ice Cream For Crow album this version is from the fully orchestrated performance with the Metropole Orchestra at Amsterdam’s Paradiso in 2013.

This 2CD collection is the perfect starting point to Gary’s music if you’re daunted by his huge back catalogue.

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