All songs (unless noted differently) Produced by Don Van Vliet Engineered by Phil Brown Recorded (mixed and mastered) at Warner Brothers Recording Studios, North Hollywood, California Mastered by Phil Brown All music and words by Don Van Vliet (not Vleit, as the outside case states!) Note: This album is a very special one. The Magic Band was made up of entirely new musicians with the exception of Jeff Moris Tepper (also Richard Snyder had been on the “final” tour). The first part of the album (ICFC, Ghost, Semi, Garland, Sundown, Past Sure is Tense) was recorded gradually on an extremely low budget. The remaining 15Read More →

All songs (unless noted differently) Produced by Don Van Vliet and Pete Johnson (or vice versa) for Shiny Beast Productions Engineered by Glen Kolotkin Assisted by Jeffrey Norman Mastered by Phil Brown Recorded at The Automatt, San Francisco, CA Mixed at Wally Heider Recording San Francisco 1. The Floppy Boot Stomp Don Van Vliet: Vocals Jeff Moris Tepper: guitar and slide guitar (right channel), chorus Bruce Lambourne Fowler: trombone Eric Drew Feldman: sythesizer and rhodes, chorus Richard Redus: guitar, slide guitar & fretless bass (L & both channels), chorus Robert Williams: drums, chorus 2. Tropical Hot Dog Night Don Van Vliet: Vocals, whistling Jeff MorisRead More →

Compiled by Jasper Leach. If you can help with any further info, please get in touch. All songs (unless noted differently) Produced by Frank Zappa Engineered by Dick Kunc Recorded at Whitney Studios, Los Angeles, CA; April 1969 1. Frownland Captain Beefheart: vocal Zoot Horn Rollo: glass finger guitar & guitar (left channel) Antennae Jimmy Semens: steel guitar & guitar (right channel) Rockette Morton: bass Drumbo: drums 2. The Dust Blows Forward ‘n the Dust Blows Back Captain Beefheart: vocal Produced by Don Van Vliet Engineered by John French Recorded at Beefheart House, Woodland Hills, CA; c. 1969 3. Dachau Blues Captain Beefheart: vocal, bassRead More →

Compiled by Jasper Leach. Jasper acknowledges that this listing contains inacuracies. If you can help with any further info or corrections, please let us know. All songs (unless noted differently): Produced by Richard Perry and Robert Krasnow Engineered by Hank Cicalo/Gary Marker Arranged by Don Van Vliet “Sure ‘Nuff” and “Grown So Ugly” arranged by Ry Cooder Recorded at RCA Studios, Hollywood, CA, April 1967 All words and music by Don Van Vliet and Herb Bermann Note from Jasper: This is probably one of the most inaccurate lists I’ve compliled. It has been reported by many band members that studio musicians were brought in byRead More →