This recording was taken from Chorus, a French television programme. The performance took place at Théatre De L’Empire, Paris on 7 November 1980. Track list Nowadays A Woman’s Gotta Hit A Man Best Batch Yet Dirty Blue Gene Safe As Milk Flavor Bud Living Bat Chain Puller Big Eyed Beans From Venus. Band members Don Van Vliet Eric Drew Feldman Rick Snyder Jeff Moris Tepper Gary Lucas Robert WilliamsRead More →

Unreleased 1971 version Uh life(?) turned into a while ‘n’ then into a mile A shirt to work, a back to ache And someday we’ll smile, Oh, I will ‘n’ you will But that ain’t gonna bend you down ‘n’ tie your workin’ shoe Don’t you wish you never met her Dirty Blue Gene A mile after mile Stand there bubblin’ like a open cola in the sun Troublin’ n fizzlin’ in the noonday sun Wonderin’ if you got the time to get clean Empty headed handed pockets ‘n’ shoes A Dirty Blue Gene, boys, is achin’ hard to lose Don’t you wish you never metRead More →

[alert_box type=”info”]Originally appeared on Doc At The Radar Station[/alert_box] The shiny beast of thought If you got ears You gotta listen Old woman sweat Young girls glisten The extract you thought is the extract you got Pop in a thought Ex-extract D’you hear me? Hope these are hard[?] drops Grooves you away Drop by drop Light by bright Night by light There ain’t no good ‘n’ there ain’t no blame Not hip Ain’t no aim You make the fault You cause the blame Devil the same Pop in a thought Ex-extract Shiny beast of thought You hang up Now you’re caught If you got earsRead More →