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Not strictly Beefheart related, but I thought I’d let you know that WFMU’s fund-rasing marathon is now on and I’d urge any of you who ever enjoy WFMU to support the station and make a donation to keep them going another year.

If any of you haven’t ever enjoyed WFMU then it’s about time you started. It’s entirely listener-supported, no advertising, no government grants and so they play exactly what they want to play – the broadest range of specialist, adventurous, odd and downright fun music available anywhere in the world.

Beefheart related items from the WFMU archive:

If you know of any more WFMU Beefheart specials please let me know and I’ll include links here.

If you fancy something more general, you can just listen live or dive into the most recent archives to hear all WFMU programmes whenever you want. My personal favourites are:

There’s so much more than just this though. A lot of the website looks like crap but the shows are magic. Sometimes I just can’t believe my luck that something so good exists.

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  1. Besides the shows mentioned, I’ll
    add that Tony Coulter plays a CB
    song or two every now and then…
    He’s on Mondays, and you can read
    his playlist on their website.

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