Robert Williams needs your help

Robert Williams, the Beefheart drummer from 1977 to 1981, recently posted on his Facebook page that he has a serious medical condition that will require major brain surgery. Sadly he has been diagnosed with a Glioma brain tumor which will have to be removed.

Fortunately the procedure will be covered by MediCal. However as Robert is self-employed he will be unable to work whilst in hospital and when recovering from the operation. To help him meet his living expenses during this stressful time his son has set up a gofundme page where you can donate something to help him.

If you are able help please visit Robert’s gofundme page –


  1. The appeal page only accepts US Dollars. I paid for something in USD last month and Visa charged me a significant “transaction fee”. Any chance the appeal could be amended to take pounds sterling?

    1. Author

      I don’t know. I didn’t set up the page. I think it’s an issue that would have to be raised with the gofundme site.

      1. Thanks, Steve. I just posted the question in the hope it might be read by the person who set it up. Good on you for publicising it!

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