Return of the Boots

Regular visitors to the old Radar Station will remember the fairly large bootleg section we had and have probably been wondering what happened to it. Well, it fell through the cracks during the move…

I’ve been rummaging around¬†and have redone all the information we used to have. I’ve updated it, added new entries and some new images. I’ve also created a new A-Z listing to make it easier for you to track down a particular item.

All the Beefheart and the Zappa/Beefheart bootlegs are now listed in one place plus the section has been renamed “Unofficial releases” to include all those ‘grey area’ releases that have been hitting the market in recent years.

To find these pages use the navigation at the top of the page. Go to ” Music > Discography > Unofficial releases”

Or you can just follow this link – Unofficial releases

As always, if you have any information to add to what we have please contact me –



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