Rare 1969 film

Some fascinating footage has appeared on YouTube from 1969.

Is it something not seen before or is it a much better version of the Trout Promo footage that has been doing the rounds for many years? (that was so dark it was almost impossible to make anything out).

It appears to show Don and the band (Mark, John, Bill and Jeff) cavorting about and generally acting daft.

The quality is not great – it’s dark (all black and white), the camera keeps moving and some of the film has been treated to look negative …

… but even so it’s well worth watching.
It was apparently filmed in Frank Zappa’s basement. John French was asked about the footage and he remembered it:

It was in Zappa’s basement. I was playing with the mannequin legs. It looked pretty funny, because I had a cape on, so it looked like my legs, then I turned sideways and levitated. This was fun, as Zappa liked to have fun and let people be themselves.


  1. Video quality is crap but the audio is excellent. Play LOUD

  2. Seems like a lot of unseen footage to me. Thanks a heap!

  3. hello, r. mercurio here.
    by early ’70s zappas studio on foothill blvd in i believe cucamonga or etiwanda was a mexican bar.

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