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John Peel with Captain Beefheart

BBC Radio 7 has just broadcast an excellent 3 hour John Peel memoir and tribute in which Peel talks extensively about his life, influences, passions and family. We also hear an episode of Home Truths and his son’s eulogy at Peel’s funeral last year. It is a wonderful 3 hours for those of us who continue to miss his voice, humour and character on a daily basis and I’d heartily recommend you give it a listen on the BBC site while you can.

Peel’s voice has also been cropping up regularly in the BBC Radio 3 show of his friend and colleague, Andy Kershaw. Listeners have been sending in snippets of old recordings from Peel shows past of amusing stories / blunders / anecdotes etc. Kershaw recently commented that there was enough material in the archives for Peel to have his own posthumous radio show.

Radio 7’s Purely Peel is available online for one week so will disappear on Saturday 3rd September – don’t miss it.

John Peel with the Magic Band

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  1. Great news. I owe much of my range of music loving to this guy, including the Mojave King.

    I saw Herb Bermann yesterday in Xin Tian Di in Shanghai.

    Click Clack

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