Beefheart on John Peel tribute CD

The first anniversary of John Peel’s death will be marked by several hundred concerts which are to be staged under the banner of John Peel Day. One of these concerts features The Fall and New Order, among others, and will be pre-recorded in London for broadcast as part of a six hour radio special on October 13th.

John Peel’s admiration for Captain Beefheart was legendary so it is not surprising that a Beefheart track is included in the double CD ‘John Peel – A Tribute’ to be released on October 17th. Many of the bands about which Peel waxed lyrical are represented on the CD, from the Bonzos and The Faces to The Clash and Joy Division. The full track listing is published at the NME website.

The Beefheart track? Big Eyed Beans From Venus.


  1. Hmmm, sounds like a nice idea, did anyone else read John French’s words about Peel in Decembers Mojo magazine? French said that they spoke briefly about Don’s illness, and then not so long after, Peel is the one who is tragically passes. Upsettingly ironic.

  2. Denny Whalley told me in an e-mail some months ago they were considering a John Peel tribute gig.

    Is anything gonna come of this, does anyone know?

  3. The answer is in the lyric:

    “Mr Zoot Horn Rollo: hit that long lunar note … and let it float”.

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