Beefheart tribute band team up with Magic Band members

I’ve just received the following message from Spencer Pope:

Big Eyed Beans from Venus, the Athens GA based Captain Beefheart tribute band, are playing in Atlanta GA on November 16th. We will be joined by Rockette Morton and Denny Walley. The show is at the Five spot, starts at 9:30 and costs 7 dollars.

Many thanks for the tip-off Spencer, if any visitors make it along to the gig please do post your comments here.


  1. can’t we get this interesting amalgamation over to england??? think how happy the fans would be!!!
    come on, John…think again…old farts wait to play!


  2. I’ll be going! Just so happens to fall on the week that my band is off! My old bass player (who introduced me to the Captain) is going as well. I’ll try to get pics, etc. Some of you old timers may remember me from the FireParty, until I had to delete my account because of some computer problems. I’ll rejoin soon! I’m Matthew, aka, Mattswad, from Atlanta, GA. Anyone else from here going?

  3. Fantastic Show! Thanks to the Band and the Five Spot. They played the tunes as faithfully as I could imagine. Mark Boston joined them on (I think) the last six tunes. Denny on the last three (I think). About 40 paid folks at the show.

    Clearly the band loved the music. I did too. Great music value for $7.

    Set List:
    When It Blows It Stacks
    Ashtray Heart
    Safe as Milk
    Pachuco Cadaver
    Dropout Boogie
    Woe is uh Me Bop
    One Red Rose That I Mean
    Veteran’s Day Poppy
    Flavor Bud Living

    Sugar N Spikes
    Ella Guru
    Smithsonian Institute Blues
    Abba Zabba
    Steal Softly Through Snow
    Clear Spot
    My Human Gets Me Blues
    Hair Pie
    Moonlight on Vermont
    Big Eyed Beans from Venus

    Terry Kearns

  4. yeah ill have to agree, the show was fantastic. big eyed beans do a great job alone and with the help of rockette and denny it made for a great night to the lonely georgia beefheart fan. glad i was able to see this one.

  5. the comment about getting over to England, or more specifically Liverpool is appreciated. We had the Magic Band here is 2004, and magically, naturally, in May 2005- three days after LFC winning the European Cup for the 5th time-it’s kinda like a Superbowl, with less interuptions-and that was a trip-I practically threatened Drumbo and co to return soon, but I may have scared them off! Love and fleas, Fabian Rothschilde, myspace/mirrorballfc, Liverpool, exit 23 from the Cosmic Expressway

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