Track List

CD One

1. Intro – Jim Morrison – talks about poetry and music
2. Captain Beefheart Poetry
3. – 9. Captain Beefheart Poetry
10. Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band – Poetry
11. – 20. Captain Beefheart – Poetry
21. Captain Beefheart’s Magic Band Poetry

CD Two

1. Intro from Captain Beefheart. Jim Morrison – Rebellion Chaos
2. Jim Morrison – Run To You
3. Jim Morrison – Someone Knew
4. Jim Morrison – 25 per cent
5. Jim Morrison – New Orleans
6. Jim Morrison – Every Step
7. Jim Morrison – Reptiles


Ozit Publicity:

Both men fronted rock bands from the 1960s and into the 1970s, both men had a fascination with the desert and creatures/animals. This album set pulls together some of their poetic words spoken into the mic.

Comes with a beautiful “desert and rock music” related 10-page foldout CD booklet.

Disc One contains 21 tracks. An intro by Jim Morrison is followed by 18 tracks of poetry and spoken word by Captain Beefheart and two tracks of the Captain’s poetry from the Magic Band days. Disc Two contains an intro by Captain Beefheart and 7 tracks of poetry by Jim Morrison.

Radar Station’s overview bake 1

! … ? … what the fuck?!

Radar Station’s overview bake 2

Yes, I was seriously tempted to leave the review as the above comment.

Why should I waste my time on Ozit’s piss poor efforts which are an affront to Don, the Magic Band and all Beefheart fans? Well, I realise I do it as a community service … an attempt to stop people encouraging Ozit by buying this crap.

What a pathetic bunch of reasons they give to justify putting Don on a CD alongside the drunken lizard king. Good grief, it’s another cheap money-making scam by a joke label low on ideas.

As usual there’s no information about the origins of the material on this release. I can’t speak for the Morrison stuff but all of the Beefheart ‘poetry’ has been ripped off from official releases with no copyright acknowledgements at all … which probably comes as no surprise to anyone who’ve come across other Ozit trash.

Here’s a full run down of the Beefheart content, what it is and where it comes from:

Disc 1

Track 1: collection of comments from Jim Morrison about poetry – obviously
from several sources

Track 2: Guitars, Wood Guitars (Dec 1977) – from the ‘Splinters’ CD included in the Riding
Some Kind of Unusual Skull Sleigh
(RSKOUSS) art box

Track 3: Fallin Ditch – from poetry CD included in the Stand Up To Be Discontinued (SUTBD) catalogue

Track 4: Geometry Street (May 1982) + The Word Crawled over the Razor Blade (June 1982) – RSKOUSS

Track 5: Bub and Gil – SUTBD

Track 6: Parachoke Stare (Jan 1978) – RSKOUSS

Track 7: Tulip – SUTBD

Track 8: The Tired Plain – SUTBD

Track 9: Flat Mattress (Dec 1977) – RSKOUSS

Track 10: Squid Eating Dough (Trout Mask Replica) + One Man Sentence (live recitation by Gary Lucas – Liverpool Oct 1980) –

Track 11: Seaweed Beard Foam Bone Tree (Dec 1983 – part only) – RSKOUSS

Track 12: ‘Winnebago Sioux’ quote (unknown origin) + Old Fart At Play (live – unknown venue/date)

Track 13: Safe Sex Drill – SUTBD

Track 14: Sit ThroughThis (June 1982) – RSKOUSS

Track 15: Away From Survival Dec 1977) – RSKOUSS

Track 16: Skeleton Makes Good – SUTBD

Track 17: The Sand Failure (1980) – RSKOUSS

Track 18: Seaweed Beard Foam Bone Tree (continued) – RSKOUSS

Track 19: The I Saw Shop (Dec 1977) – RSKOUSS

Track 20: The Thin Wood Door (Aug 1999) – RSKOUSS

Track 21: One Man Sentence – (live recitation by Gary Lucas – unknown venue/date)

Disc 2

Track 1: Don says ‘He’s done more for music than anybody at this time’ – (unknown date)

This last quote gives the impression that Don is talking about Jim Morrison whose poetry follows. That, of course, is patently untrue. At the moment I can’t recall where this quote has been taken from –
it’s an interview of some kind. If I can identify this or the other live performances I’ll add them to this page.

Why have two versions of ‘One Man Sentence’ been included? Was one of these supposed to have been ‘Untitled’ which was another poem recited by Gary Lucas? Have Ozit with their usual incompetence and lack of quality control fucked up again? (No need to email with an answer because I don’t care!)

And as for the ‘a beautiful “desert and rock music” related 10-page foldout CD booklet’ – ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha … somebody please make them stop…


  • 2007 CD on Ozit Morpheus Records Ozit CD9007.

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