“not … the Trout Mask Replica of the new millennium”

‘Mixing It’, with its impeccably selected range of new music, is one of the BBC’s most interesting radio shows. Informed and witty commentary is provided by the hosts Mark Russell and Robert Sandall, who in their broadcast last Friday played a new Deerhoof track.

Deerhoof, they said, “…transmute the basic vocabulary of guitar based rock into an inexhaustably diverse sequence of fractional shapes.” Their new CD, The Runners Four, “has a keen sense of fun.”

“We’re not quite calling this next album the Trout Mask Replica of the new millenium, but one of us is strongly tempted so to do.”

You can hear that taste mistake narrowly avoided, along with the Deerhoof track and a host of other good things these name-dropping DJs played, at BBC Radio 3 until Friday [now removed].


  1. If you go to http://www.morphjell.blogspot.com, there are links to a CD by MORPHINE JELLO, and it contains several tributes to Don in the songs GREATEST OF THE APES, CATERING TOWARDS VIOLENCE, and PIST.

  2. I can’t seem to leave a post & these all date well before 2015. We are now in May 2016. Anything new?

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