Magic Band 2012 tour

The Magic Band will be back in the UK in March (for a mini tour), in Japan in April and New Jersey in September, playing at an ATP event in each of the three countries.
So far the following venues have been confirmed:

If we hear of any more dates we’ll update this post.


  1. Cannot wait, I’ve seen some good gigs at the continental. Awesome.

  2. come on drumbo another london date please, you should play her every 6 months by law !

  3. And they’re playin’ New Jersey ?

  4. I had no idea this tour was on. I visited Portsmouth (Southsea) today to go to a second hand record shop & parked outside the Wedgewood Rooms. What a surprise seeing the Troutmask poster on the door. I had my tickets in my hot little hand within seconds!

    Tony H. (Bournemouth)

  5. Driving to Exeter this Friday for this. I last saw The Magic Band stomp their floppy boots down here at The Acorn in Penzance – they were absolutely phenomenal that night and I’m hoping for more of the same. The Phoenix is a good little venue by all accounts. Plenty of harp please boys.

  6. Hi Can we see a setlist from Portsmouth, please ? Thanks.

  7. Setlist for Portsmouth, abbreviations as per the list
    Set 1:
    Steal Softly, Abba Zaba, Lo Yo Yo, Diddy Wah Did, Smithsonian, Bass Solo, Blows It’s Stacks, Hit A Man,
    Clear Spot, Circumstances, Kandy Korn, Hair Pie.
    Set 2:
    On Tomorrow, Alice, Human, Suction Prints, Grow Fins, Floppy Boot, Click Clack, Electricity, Moonlight, Big Eyed Beans.

    Any of you with a Dime account should keep your eyes peeled :)

  8. many thanks Anon…

    no orange claw encore then ?

  9. Absolutely fantastic on Friday in Exeter. Setlist was the same as above but with two additions: Drumbo did an impromptu ‘Orange Claw Hammer’ while some hassles with his drumkit were sorted out and they played ‘Sure Nuff ‘N’ Yes I Do’ near the beginning of the second set. It wasn’t on the setlist and was just added because someone requested it in the interval, I think. A really nice surprise, that – one of my all-time faves from the early days. A great, great gig and a real pleasure to chat with them.

  10. Thanks for the feedback RR…

    I went outside at interval, and being deaf, was relying on friends to tell me when the music started up again. They didnt respond, so after a while I went back in and caught the song before Orange Claw. I asked someone how many songs there had been in the set, and they said ‘just the one’.

    From what you’re saying, there would have been 4 ! So, did ‘Tomorrow’, ‘Alice’ and ‘Human’ get played ? And was ‘Sure Nuff’ sung or instrumental ?

    That (potential) disappointment aside, that was probably the most powerful and impressive, loose yet perfectly in command show I’ve ever seen from them ! (Just a little voice wondering if Gary Lucas would have brought anything extra to the table, but that’s all.)

    How Drumbo can sit and sign stuff, chat etc between and after such a show lefts me awestruck. I was barely coherent for hours after that show !

    Hope some of those who filmed parts of it can make it available…

  11. Yes I think they played all of those although my memory of the instrumental section is a bit hazy due to alcohol-related reasons. It started off with a Drumbo solo and slowly mutated as I remember it, but don’t quote me on that. ‘Sure Nuff’ was definitely sung though, I remember that much. I was pretty much speechless afterwards, too.

  12. I’m heading to the York gig on Wednesday. Getting really excited now!!! :)

  13. Absolutely bloody amazing show in Exeter we raised nearly £1600 for our community station (go check it out) and they were selling Bat Chain Puller. Thank you gentlemen, you have restored my faith in humans, I was so happy I could have peed.

  14. Went to Portsmouth and ATP. Truncated set at festival as you might expect, followed the same order as the set they’ve been touring this time and before Christmas only with about half of it taken out.

    From memory, ATP set was

    Steal Softly Through Snow, Bass Solo, When It Blows It’s Stacks, Hit A Man, Circumstances, On Tomorrow, Alice In Blunderland, Suction Prints, Floppy Boot Stomp, Click Clack, Electricity, Big Eyed Beans From Venus.

  15. Bilston show was astonishing – I simply do not have the descrptive powers to tell you how damned good they were. Enjoyed a brief chat with Eric KLerks afterwards and he too, agreed it was a good night. Please come back soon !

  16. Aaaargggggh! I find out The Magic Band are playing 10 minutes up the road from where I live THE DAY AFTER THEY PLAY 10 MINUTES UP THE ROAD FROM WHERE I LIVE.

    I am now REALLY ANGRY!

    Chris Goodhead

  17. So disappointed – found out about a March Tour in April!!

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