Track list

  1. Ice Cream For Crow
  2. Tropical Hot Dog Night
  3. Run Paint Run Run
  4. Light Reflected Off The Oceands Of The Moon

Album overview from Graham Johnston

This oddity is a Virgin Records ep from 1982 (VS 534-12). It contains four tunes, the first three of which are readily available on Beefheart’s last three albums.

The last tune, Light Reflected Off The Oceands Of The Moon first appeared on this ep and is really an instrumental version of Hey Garland I Dig Your Tweed Coat but with Don’s sax splattered all over the place and a splendid new title.

It is now available on The Dust Blows Forward compilation and on the 2006 remastered CD version of Ice Cream For Crow.

Many thanks to Greg Gardner for the scans on this page.

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