A Carrot Is As Close As A Rabbit Gets To A Diamond discography

Track list

  1. Sugar Bowl
  2. The Past Sure Is Tense
  3. Happy Love Song
  4. The Floppy Boot Stomp
  5. Blue Jeans and Moonbeams
  6. Run Paint Run Run
  7. This Is the Day
  8. Tropical Hot Dog Night
  9. Observatory Crest
  10. The Host, the Ghost, the Most Holy-O
  11. Harry Irene
  12. I Got Love on My Mind
  13. Pompadour Swamp
  14. Love Lies
  15. Sheriff of Hong Kong
  16. Further Than We’ve Gone
  17. Candle Mambo
  18. Light Reflected off the Oceands of the Moon
  19. A Carrot Is as Close as a Rabbit Gets to a Diamond

Album overview from Graham Johnston

Compilation of mid-to-late / Virgin-era Beefheart with a track list which seems to have been chosen at random. Just to completely spoil whatever redeeming qualities the collection may have, it also features snippets of dialogue edited into tunes where they just do not belong.

One to skip, especially now that The Dust Blows Forward has been released which is a far superior package.


1993 UK CD A CARROT IS AS CLOSE AS A RABBIT GETS TO A DIAMOND Insert says COMPILATION AND SLEEVENOTES BY SIMON HOPKINS 1993 – tracks from Virgin’s 5 Albums and 1 EP (’82 “OCEANDS”) “OCEANDS” cut from the ’82 EP appears in digital form for the first time. The CD itself is an art-CD featuring an alarming close-up of Don Vliet’s 1974 moustache.

A small closeup taken from a larger picture inside the CD:

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