John French in Austin

John French will be playing a show at Threadgill’s in Austin, TX, October 7th, 2017 as part of the Austin Corn Lovers Fiesta.

Here’s what John has to say about it:

A four-piece band, 3 backup singers, and 4 horns! Whoa! Twelve people on stage during parts of this show. This will be sort of a “celebration” of Beefheart music. A one-hour show at the former location of Armadillo World Headquarters — where I played with Don in 1971 and also where “Bongo Fury” was recorded.

It will be a pretty different experience for me. Oh, and one of the singers, Aileen Adler also will be playing Theramin on “Electricity” and “Autumn’s Child.” I’ve never performed the latter tune, so it should be fun. 

Three acts will precede me on this coming event. I will start out with an MB-sized group. After a time, four horns will be added, then, after a few more piece, 3 singers. At the end, there will be twelve of us on stage. I’ve been white-knuckling the planning of this for months.


  1. Would be wonderful if you can post the audio and or video of this show for poor folks like me that can’t make it to the show at all from Canada…
    John H

    1. I will be posting several songs from the gig on youtube.

      1. Author

        Excellent, look forward to hearing them.

  2. This is most intriguing, way more so than a MB gig.
    Right On, John French!

  3. That was quite an honor and super fun hosting John and putting together a crack band for him. John put a tremendous amount of focus and hard work into putting together the arrangements for this and the Austin crew reciprocated. Lots of great photos and video from the gig is floating around out there…

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