Yes, it’s true the legendary guitarist of the Magic Band and MU has finally broken his silence.

Although for years Jeff Cotton has kept a low profile, refusing interviews with Steve Froy for his Space Blues website and even for John French when he was compiling the sleeve notes for Grow Fins and writing his Through the Eyes of Magic book he has now agreed to talk to Samuel Andreyev.

Samuel has already won the hearts of many Beefheart fans with his musicologist’s examination of the track Frownland and his video interviews with John French and Bill Harkleroad. Now he has managed to pull off what many of us thought was the impossible!

Well done, Samuel!

The only downer is that the interview is audio only but, hey, that’s fine with me if that’s how Jeff wants to do it.

Listen to the interview here:

Jeff has moved back to Maui after 18 years on the US North West Coast. He’s sounding healthy and very positive about the future. He offers some great insights into his playing, his time with the Magic Band, as well the other bands he played with.


  1. Philip Cowdry says:

    Amazing interview after all these decades. Great too that he sounds in good spirits

  2. Ray Suttle says:

    We still don’t know the full story of how he left the Magic Band. How did he feel when John was ‘thrown’ out of the band. What does he think of the Decals album. Has he ever spoken to Bill or Mark since leaving etc. Maybe next time.

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