Jeff Cotton aka Antennae Jimmy Semens

Jeff probably has the distinction of recording with a band at an earlier age than any other Magic Band member. He began his first band The Exiles when he was only 14 and they released their debut single within a few months. When this band fell apart in 1966 he played with several unrecorded bands – The Allusions, Blues In A Bottle (with John French, Mark Boston and later Bill Harkleroad) – before joining the Magic Band in 1967.

An unfortunate incident resulted in Jeff quitting the band during 1969 after the recording of Trout Mask. When he’d recovered he hooked up with former Exiles bandmates, Merrell Fankhauser, Randy Wimer and Larry Willey to form the legendary, but seriously under-rated, MU.

For the full story of Jeff’s musical career visit Steve’s Space Blues website.

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  1. i was told that the drummer who name i will not mention(not drumbo)but the phony drumbo hit him in the ribs quite seriously injuring him

  2. Yeah it’s in Drumbo’s book, Jeff Bruschele was his name I believe.

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