Jeff Cotton releases video for ‘single’ from new album

As  a taster for his new album, The Fantasy of Reality, to be released on 12 August by Madfish, Jeff has produced this video for his ‘single’ from the album. The track ‘Does It Work For You’ is the opener to the album and features Jeff’s trademark slide guitar work. It’s a strong comeback by this talented musician.

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Here’s a message from Jeff:

and Aloha to all my music loving friends! The single, Does it Work for You, the first tune on my new album, “The Fantasy of Reality,” exemplifies the overall sentiment of this new work. I sincerely hope that you experience some of the “old magic”, and pick
up on the lyrical positivity. We’re all in this together, and because there’s never been a time quite like this, it is good that we remind one another, that in spite of it all, love is our “reality”. Enjoy, InJoy

Watch the video –

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