How’d ya get it all to move so smooth and lazy?

The whole site is currently moving from one host to another. Everything will still be available exactly where you’re used to finding it here at (and too) but you may notice a few technical glitches as we settle into our new home and get everything working again behind the scenes.

I will post a comment here when I’m sure everything is working again. In the meantime, thanks for your patience.


  1. Quick follow up:

    Unfortunately the list is probably going to be down for a while. Everything has gone smoothly with the site move except the setting up of the list itself. There is a bug on the host’s control panel which prevents me from configuring a list on the site’s secondary domain ( as opposed to its primary domain ( This is a pain but I’ve contacted them to let them know about this and will hopefully hear back soon. They have been extremely prompt answering any questions I’ve had throughout the day.

    If this isn’t resolvable tomorrow, I will set the list up on the primary domain instead which means the address will become instead of the usual .com. Whatever happens we should be sorted again by the end of tomorrow.

    Thanks for your patience, assuming you still have any left.

    If you’ve had any problems with the site in its new location please let me know.

  2. Take as much time as you need, I think I speak for everyone who has ever been on this site, that it is one of the gems of the internet. It is great that there is someone with the patience to maintain and update a non (or minimal profit) website for everyone else to read for free. Thanks for keeping it up sir! We all appreciate it! And as far as having “any patience left”, there is always time for Beefy in my book!

  3. The discussion list is now back up and running, though I’m sure it’s never too late for it all to go wrong again.

    If you’re interested in chewing the cud about all kinds of topics with numerous Beefheart admirers, ex-Magic Band members and all-round music nuts our Beefheart discussion list is certainly the place for you.

  4. Jack – many thanks indeed, glad to hear it’s well received.

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