Harry Duncan

Harry Duncan was not strictly speaking a member of the Magic Band but he was Don’s manager from 1976 to 1978 and did perform on stage with them. He played additional harmonica on “Grow Fins”, and would recite a version of “The Blimp” while¬†wearing a mask.

No information available about what he’s been doing since then, although he did host a music show on KUSF fairly recently

Harry Duncan releases

  • 1977 US Vinyl The Tubes : Now on A&M SP-3243. Don is supposed to be playing harmonica on the track “Golden Boy” but there is a strong possibility that it is actually Harry Duncan!
  • 1987 US Vinyl Crazy Backwards Alphabet on SST Records SST 110. Duncan plays harmonica on one track “Bottoms Up!”.
  • 1992 US CD Crazy Backwards Alphabet on SST Records SST CD110 includes additional 25 minutes of music recorded at a later date than the vinyl version but none involves Harry Duncan.

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  1. Harry Duncan has a radio show and he’s been a big part of the Monterey jazz festival. He plays harmonica on boz scaggs come on home album (97). He managed capt beef heart…lots o stuff…a buzy and accomplished man! And great harp player too!

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