Gerry McGee

Often mis-spelt as Jerry, his first name is Gerald, so Gerry would the correct form.

Only in the band for a matter of months Gerry McGee did have a significant impact on the future playing of the Magic Band. Coming from a country music background he played with a strong finger picking style using picks on fingers and thumb.

He’d been doing session work (appearing on The Monkees first album) and playing in clubs around Hollywood. Gerry can’t recall how he came to be in the Magic Band, although it’s likely that he was called in by Bob Krasnow who knew him from session playing. He replaced Ry Cooder (who had left after the Mt Tamalpais Festival debacle) and did play a couple of live shows fitting well with the ‘bluesier’ side of the band.

Gerry told the Radar Station “I did like the ‘blues style of’ Don Van Vliet. But he did get too strange for me later! Fun for a while though!.”

He moved on when he realised he couldn’t work with Don and wasn’t interested in playing some of the ‘stranger’ music that was being developed.

Gerry has continued to be a well respected session guitarist and has toured with many of the big names on the music scene.

More information about his career can be found in his biography on The Ventures website.

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