Gary Lucas update

Gary Lucas continues to be one of the most hard-working and prolific members of the various Magic Bands. Gary’s calendar shows him to be currently performing in Europe. Tonight, 21st September, he’s performing in Amsterdam and the show will be broadcast and webcast live at VPRO.

Audiences in Bristol and Lancaster this weekend get a rare chance to see Gary perform his score to a 1920 film. The Golem is based on the legend of an historical 16th century rabbi who created a man out of clay to save the Jewish community of Prague from annihilation. Apparently this is a superb example of the early horror cinema at its finest, but I can’t vouch for that as my DVD copy of The Golem with Gary’s score got lost in the post.

Gary has other forthcoming European gigs in Paris and Aberdeen.


  1. Lucas did some tasty playing on Doc ATRS (supposedly did much of the composing as well).

    Flavor Bud Living and “A Carrot…”–almost how Eric Satie would play rock…

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