Gary Lucas and Wild Rumpus

Wild Rumpus

Gary Lucas wrote in with news of a splendid review of his new 12″ vinyl leftfield dance single ‘Purple Somersault’. The record is released under the name Wild Rumpus and also features DJ Cosmo. Kris Needs, writing at DMC described the track as:

“….. a funked groove set up then sand-blasted by Gary’s guitar, which manages to recall anyone from Link Wray to the Misunderstood with a melody recalling Hendrix’s ‘Third Stone From The Sun’ ….. some of the most devastatingly-effective guitar pyrotechnics heard all year ….. the Beefheart connection rears in club-world and it is indeed magical.”

Gary told me a little about Wild Rumpus:

“’s me and dj cosmo (colleen murphy)–with sometimes guests (singers, percussionists, vj’s)–we’ve played some great live gigs in india, romania, london, brussels, nyc to date over the last couple years–our first 12 inch vinyl single “musical blazeup” sold out its initial run of 2000 copies in 2 days– and was picked as one of the Best of the Week by iTunes UK last summer…we’re currently working on a full album, in fact i’m coming to london next week to do some more recording with her.”

There is more information about Wild Rumpus at Gary Lucas website, there is film of Gary talking about Captain Beefheart at YouTube, and seven of Gary’s albums can now be bought at iTunes. And while I’m so busy plugging Gary Lucas, do check out his most excellent album Coming Clean, recorded with Gods and Monsters, which has become one of my personal favourites.

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  1. anyone know if there’s a copy of the demo song Gary is talking about in the youtube video. I know he says he released a version he made but I wonder if the original demo is floating around somewhere?

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