Flyer for 1971 Austin Texas shows

This flyer was kindly sent along by Ken Shaddock who was lucky enough to be at the gig…

Ken writes:

Back in early ’71, CB&TMB toured through Austin, Texas. This is the flyer for that concert. I have looked for weeks for this flyer, praying that I had not thrown it away!

The concert, of course, was incredible. Held at the Armadillo World Headquarters, it was filled to capacity with Beefheart fans. I think this must have been just after Lick My Decals Off, Baby had been released. I was absolutely amazed at these guys and their performance. I had seen many of the major rock groups of the ’60s, Hendrix, the Who, Joplin, the Doors, the Mothers, the Stones, etc., but I had never seen anything like Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band!

One more note: sometime around ’74 or ’75, CB&TMB were scheduled to play a local club here in Dallas (Mother Blues, I think). My wife and I went to this show, and as we stood in the ticket line I was vaguely aware of an “older” man (I would have been about 24 or 25) by himself directly behind us in the line. We took a table and when the band took the stage and Captain Beefheart came out, we realised it was him who had been standing behind us in the line, queuing to get in to his own gig!

Hope you enjoy the scan.


  1. I attended the Feb. 11, 1971 performance at Minneapolis’s Guthrie Theater with my girlfriend. Ry Cooder,then unknown to us, opened the show.Captain was center stage, surrounded by the band. Seated behind the band were 4 outlandish Women ala The GTO’s. At one point The Captain was wailing on his soprano sax, and I swear he removed his mouth from the horn and it kept playing! It freaked me out because I had just read an interview in Rolling Stone where he told the interviewer that he needed to answer the phone…then the phone rang!
    The band was:
    John French Bill Harkleroad Mark Boston Art Tripp and they were touring LICK MY DECALS OFF BABY.

  2. I was also at that concert with all of my fellow North Texas State University jazz students, many of whom went on to play in the Saturday Night Live band, in New York as session players, etcetera. We LOVED Beefheart. He was a revelation for us. I also enjoyed Ry, and Van Dyke Parks was on piano, which was brilliant too. :-)

  3. I was there, Ry Cooder opened the show. Jim Franklin let me sleep in the club so I didn’t have to hitchhike back to Dallas that night.

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