Commemorative box set

For all you collectors out there here’s a nice box set based around Freddy Bannister’s book. Freddy promoted many of Beefheart’s early 70’s tours as well as organising the famous Knebworth festivals.

Apart from the book there’s some great Beefheart photographs, facsimilies of festival programmes and flyers … plus extra special bonuses of some prime Beefheart concerts.

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  1. Is it just me, or have most of those shows not been on the trading circuit before? Royal Albert Hall for example – I've never seen that before.

  2. This better sounding and complete version of the Albert Hall show has only recently come to light. The others have been around for a while but are available here in about the best quality.

  3. Well,I purchased a box set and am a little perterbed on the 'attention' to detail these folks exhibit.When I 1st got the set,I was missing the FZ show from Knebworth and the 2nd Beefheart from Royal Albert Hall was a mix-mash of Sly+the family Stone and other R+B songs(not to mention 1 page missing from the book) It took them almost 2 months to get me the missing cd's,not to mention not answering e-mails as prompt as they did BEFORE they got my money. Also it took the 2 tries to get me the missing cd's as the 1st set didn't arrive..all in all very disappointed,but a nice box to keep everything in and on a good note some excellent photos.


  4. First impression of this set was that it is very good value for money. Just look at what you get: 75 and 78 festival programmes and flyers, excellent photographs, two DVDs, nine CDs plus Freddy's book all nicely packaged for less than 50 quid. I also found Wendy Bannister extremely helpful and willing to tailor the box contents to individual requirements. It is fair to say that the CDs are essentially "Bootleg" quality but are comparable with some of the dubious full price CDs released in recent years. Also, all are taken from just two tours (72 and 75) so can be quite similar. However, in my case it will happily sit alongside my Zappa "Beat the Boots" boxed sets. (I have seen these change hands on eBay for over £400!!) Ultimately this is a must for any Beefheart enthusiast.

  5. Can only repeat what Gary (above) states. I love the package, the mix of posters, fliers, programmes, tickets, book, t shirt, photo’s bootlegs and DVD’s. All in all great value for money. The quality of the boots are actually pretty good compared to some I have already that are in real terms quite difficult to listen to. Away from Beefheart and Zappa the Knebworth DVD is interesting with snippets of Pink Floyd, Genesis, Skinner, Stones etc.
    The photos are excellent quality although not all Beefheart, but nice to have a couple of Peter Gabriel photos mixed in there.
    I would also like to state that I had no problems with the package when it arrived. All intact and well packaged and I got it posted to Tasmania in 7 days!
    Only gripe, and it is not one really, the presenation box is so bloomin large cant get it in my bookcase or anywhere else unless laid flat.
    Best purchase of 2013 and cant see that being beaten.

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