City of Refuge

Drumbo’s publicity people at Proper Records have recently been trickling information and soundbites from his new album City of Refuge, due for release on November 10th. This is of course the album which features five former Magic Band members – John French himself, Bill Harkelroad, Mark Boston, Greg Davidson and John Thomas.

Now for the first time Proper Records has posted an entire track from the album. Get So Mean can be heard at a new page at Proper Records website, where you can also download some high resolution photographs and read the press release for the CD.

At John French’s MySpace page there are two new blog entries where John writes about the background and the making of the album. A third instalment is expected soon.


  1. ‘Get So Mean’ would not sound out of place on ‘Blue Jeans and Moonbeams’

  2. I think it sounds just like “Crazy Little Thing”

  3. It says his book about his involvement with cap beef & magic band will be out spring 2008, should that be 2009?

  4. There’s a town called Drumbo in Northern Ireland – google it

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