Back in 1964 when Alex Snouffer was looking to start up the band that would ultimately become Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band the first person he contacted and asked to join him was Jerry Handley. They had already had some experience of playing together, enjoyed the same blues-based¬†music and got on well together. Jerry was to become the bass player. He played on all the early singles plus the “Safe As Milk”, “Strictly Personal” and “Mirror Man” albums. By all accounts he was an easy going and modest kind of guy (still is, in fact!) Incredibly Jerry has never been interviewed before … unlessRead More →

One of the original members of the Magic Band Jerry had been friends with Alex Snouffer for many years. Together they had already played in several bands around the Lancaster area. Although originally a rhythm guitarist Jerry moved over to bass for the Magic Band and gave the music a solid lolloping foundation, especially during the Mirror Man/Strictly Personal era. With a wife and family to support Jerry left the band towards the end of 1968. Although still ‘plunking’ around on a guitar he hasn’t bothered with professional music since. Magic Band Albums Safe As Milk Strictly Personal Mirror Man Interviews Steve Froy interviewed JerryRead More →