Track list Safe As Milk Gimme Dat Harp Boy Kandy Korn Upon The My-O-My New Electric Ride Party Of Special Things Twist Uh Luck Blue Jeans & Moonbeams The Floppy Boot Stomp Bat Chan Puller Run Paint Run Run Hot Head Ashtray Heart Ice Cream For Crow The Past Sure Is Tense The Witch Doctor Life Tracks 1-3: Strictly Personal (1968) Tracks 4-5: Unconditionally Guaranteed (1974) Tracks 6-8: Blue Jeans & Moonbeams (1974) Tracks 9-10: Shiny Beast (1979) Tracks 11-13: Doc At The Radar Station (1980) Tracks 14-16: Ice Cream For Crow (1982) Album overview from¬†Steve Froy The cover says ‘The Best Of Captain BeefheartRead More →