Captain Beefheart: The Man and His Music by Colin David Webb

The German edition

Published by Kawabata Press
1st edition published in 1987
2nd edition published in 1989
ISBN: 0 906110 61 0

First UK edition
Second UK edition

Many thanks to Steve Froy for all the cover scans.

Overview by Graham Johnston

Captain Beefheart: The Man & His Music is a serious and entertaining attempt at telling the story of the Magic Band from Don and Frank’s first meeting to Ice Cream For Crow and Don’s retirement from the music industry, though it does contain considerably more music than man.

It includes a section of quotes, a look at his painting exhibitions, Magic Band line-ups, discography, live-tape and bootleg discography, Beefheart trivia, a Magic Band member ‘where-are-they-now?’, and, the cherry on the cake, a Beefheart crossword.

Recommended, if you can find it.

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