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Anyone into downloading music legally but without the annoying restrictions that come with most online music services may be interested to know that several Beefheart and Beefheart-related albums are available on E-Music now.

E-Music offers top quality mp3s free of all DRM restrictions – you can copy them, keep them, burn them to CD, transfer them to a portable, delete them and download them again all at no extra cost. It’s also very reasonably priced.

You will currently find the following Beefheart related items on E-Music:

You can sign up for a free trial which includes 50 free mp3s to download and keep. I’ve been a loyal subscriber to E-Music since the very day they first started a subscription service – seven years ago – and there’s still a tonne of great music there that I haven’t heard yet.

If you know of any more Beefheart-related items at Emusic please post a comment and let us know.


  1. Call me old fashioned, but I hate all this download stuff. It seems to devalue the music. When you had a vinyl disc that you had to handle carefully and keep clean, the commitment required to purchase, own and store such a relatively fragile item represented your appreciation of what was enshrined in the grooves.

    I still feel the same way about CDs (although I took a long time to get used to them!). I don’t purchase or keep CDs which are fingerprinted, scratched or otherwise damaged in any way. I treat them and value them just like my treasured vinyl.

    The age of MP3s and the download seems to have devalued the essence of what the music means, when that is measured against the commitment the listener needs to make towards the music itself. My own children download and delete tracks on a whim and have no concept of the music they listen to being a carefully crafted and presented piece of art – it is only a throwaway product to be consumed and discarded, quickly replaced by something new (or better?, maybe?) when it comes along. I listen to recordings (on vinyl and CD) that I have owned and enjoyed for thirty years and more. Many people today seem to listen to their downloads for only days, weeks, maybe months, before moving on.

    Anyone out there feel the same as me? Or am I just the old ostrich with my head in the sand that my children say I am?

  2. th’only thing I don’t like about EMusic is that if you download say a live album and burn to cd you get a short but distinct gap between tracks.

  3. Emusic have several albums available for download by Gary Lucas and Moris Tepper. It’s also possible to listen to a short snippet of any track before choosing whether or not to download.

  4. Sorry to say the Zappa stuff has now gone from Emusic, though the other items are still available.


    the fact is that evrybody must listen to beefheart, and outside US, the records are almost unknown and xxxtremelly xxxpensivvvv. me poket cannot afford the price that the stupid company wants to make me pay…und´er´stand?

  6. I listen to a lot of records, something about listening on the computer that stresses me out, i guess it’s the detachment from nature feel i get with a lot of technology, first album that made me real eyez this was Heavenly Blues if ya know what i mean ahh.
    What you said ^ made me realize why 90% of the new music i hear sounds the same, there’s probably a lot of reasons why even more bands now than ever all sound the same, but one reason could be that people are downloading popular music, then discarding it next season. That’s partly because you get what you pay for. Some of the best albums I have i dug for through an old dusty bin for.

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