Bluejeans Original Cover Art

Pamela Des Barres has recently posted a couple of photos on her Facebook site that visitors to the Radar Station might like to see.

Apparently she came across one of Victor Hayden’s original paintings in her garage. Not just any painting … this one was the original artwork for the Bluejeans and Moonbeams album cover.

Victor Hayden sitting alongside his original painting for the Bluejeans and Moonbeams album cover

Miss Pamela acts as an agent for Victor’s artwork and she is considering what to do with this painting, in other words the best way of selling it.

A closer look at the painting.

The album itself may well not be the most popular in Don’s discography but the cover was wonderfully strange.

John French recalls Don saying

the album sucks, but at least I got THIS on the cover!

I’ve got a birthday coming up if anyone wants to treat me!!




  1. So damn cool. “came across…in her garage” !?!?!?

    How many cats might Miss Pamela own?

  2. Where is this painting now.?

    1. Author

      I don’t know, I’m presuming some lucky sod had the money to buy it

      1. I have about 30 Originals that I would like to sell from 40″X40″ down to 12″X12″ I got them from Victor about 10 years ago. Travis 253-678-6630.

        1. where’s the artwork?

    1. I meant where can I see the artwork

      1. Give me a call I can text you pictures or you can stop by in person to take a look. Thanks.

  3. Ha ha !! I am in London U.K.

  4. Author

    Travis, would like to email me images of Victor’s artwork ( I can put them on the site here, I’m sure a lot of people would be interested to see them. and they can contact you if they want to buy.

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