Bickershaw Boot

If you went to the 1972 Bickershaw festival you probably have great memories of it. There were some excellent bands playing and the Beefheart set was supposed to have been particularly inspiring.

For years an audience recording of the performance has been circulating and despite it’s sound quality failings you can still hear that the band were on top form.

This recording has now been released commercially by Ozit. What do we think of it … what do you think? Read the full review


  1. Ozit are also selling a DVD of the festival, that says it contains film footage of the band playing click clack, that would very interesting to watch, more so than listening to the rough recording. Mind you been Ozit it might be that paris click clack clip, but if it is the real deal, thats a great rare find on Cap n the boys, id really like to see that, just dont wonna spend the cash on the DVD to be able to see it.

  2. i was at bickershaw ; i remember it was late when the Captain came on but didnt realise it was 4am .i was right up by the stage watching some hells angels fighting in the mud caused when the water tank that the flaming high diver dove into and split !dont remember much details of the set except that it was brilliant and when i close my eyes i can still see and hear that openning base solo

  3. I bought this. It is the Good Captain and the boys doing Click Clack. There is only a few seconds of actual footage. Mostly just still photos of the band with Click Clack playing in the background. The quality of this DVD is poor. You should only buy this if you are a diehard fan of one of the groups ( Dead, Kinks, etc) or if you were there.

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