Beefheart on BBC radio

BBC radio’s 6Music will be airing an archived Don Van Vliet interview this weekend on Sunday 8th January on Marc Riley’s Mint.

I don’t know yet which interview it is exactly, but you can listen live online at 10pm (GMT) or whenever you want to via the “listen again” facility for up to one week after broadcast.

Many thanks to Simon Pardoe for the tip off. I usually try to listen to Marc Riley’s shows anyway as they are always entertaining and he is a big Beefheart fan. You might have to endure an occasional tune by Coldplay but there is always tonnes of good stuff as well.


  1. Due to a technical hit hitch the interview wasn’t broadcast. In fact, the first hour of the show was re-broadcast again in place of the second hour which would have included this 1980 interview from the BBC archive.

    I emailed Marc Riley about this cock-up and he’s ‘hacked off’ about it and says the interview will be broadcast next week instead

  2. Indeed – what Steve says is cock on. I’m not the happiest of bunnies and it’s a drag but the interview didn’t go out. Next week – fingers crossed – it will. The interview is with David Hepworth from 1980 and is a hoot.

    Sorry an all that – and appreciate your patience!


  3. It’s there now until 22nd Jan! At about 1 hour 13mins after Hot Head…
    Great stuff.

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