Beatle Bones ‘n’ Smokin’ Stones lyrics

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Beatle bones ‘n’ smokin’ Stones
The dry sands fall
The strawberry mouth; strawberry moth; strawberry caterpillar
Strawberry butterfly; strawberry fields
The winged eel slither on the heels of today’s children
Strawberry feels forever

Yeah, roosters, ol’ glass roosters, stick to your race
In a drag-queen, live-wood farmhouse
Tractors are clawin’; the folks are crawlin’
Trees in a row climbing a coach and I blow rich
Red, blue, yellow sunset
Where I set and you set; and I’ve loved and you’ve loved
And I’ve seen and you’ve seen

Salt Man has just made his mark – and crumbled
The dark – the light – the dark – the day
Porcelain children see through white lights
Soft-cracker bats, Cheshire cats named
The Dark – the Light – the Dark – the Day

Blue veins through gray-felt tomorrows
Cellular sail-boat – ye ole feathered kind
Blow it into a pond swayin’ in circles
Red, blue, yellow sunset.
Where I’ve set and you’ve set; and I’ve loved and you’ve loved
What I saw and you saw
Strawberry feels forever



  1. An unsubtle yet cool dig at the 60s British invasion from Mr Van Vliet.

  2. Totally wrong lyric. “Strawberry FIELDS Forever” is just one.

    1. Quite right. Amazing how long that’s been on here and no on has noticed!

      1. Author

        Not so fast! John French stated that it was “Strawberry feels forever” rather than the more expected “fields” as a very DVV play on words – twisting the Beatles lyric into a bizarre aphorism along the lines of “an elephant never forgets”. I love this subtle twist.

        “Strawberry feels forever” is almost certainly the correct lyric.

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