Beefheart baseball

This photograph of a baseball signed by Don Van Vliet in 1982 at a press conference he held to promote Ice Cream For Crow replaces my previous post here.

That post concerned the May release of audio from the press conference. The website owner who owns the tape of the press conference has been so overwhelmed by applications from visitors here that he has asked me to remove the name of his website and links to it.

He wrote today – we checked our email this morning and we simply can’t handle that many potential downloads. Over-use penalties (with our host) would break us financially. We already have a large monthly DL limit, but math-wise it just won’t work (at this pace)

I hope to be able to bring you news of an alternative arrangement in due course.


  1. thanks Derek

    Will keep everyone updated. A lot of visitors
    is usually a good thing, but this time we were
    dumbfounded and quite overwhelmed!

    The smoke is already clearing.

    Nice to see the Beefheart baseball on your site

    I keep it in one of those classic MLB plastic baseball display thingies – to the uninformed, it could be Pete Rose’s signature!

    The baseball is probably my most prized possession of all time and maybe I’ll leave it to the Smithsonian (or Hard Rock Cafe Mojave Desert) one day.



  2. Maybe those of us lucky enough to get the file can host it somewhere?

  3. OK, that explains the lack of response about the link to the interview.

    It could be torrented via a site like dimeadozen.org if a non-compressed transfer of the tape is available. That way it can circulate among fans and collectors but KB won’t have to bear the download load.

  4. it’s funny I can’t even recall the exact location of the press conference…other than it was held in Westwood. Was CB still on Virgin for “Ice Cream for Crow” (don’t have the actual album so can’t check)

    I’m surprized bits and pieces (or a transcription) pf the press conference hasn’t surfaced in the 25 years since it happened.

    I know others (all college journalists) taped the proceedings and there must be a record of the exact day somewhere in record company files

    When a musician like CB “retires” from music, suddenly all grey area recordings are subject to intense scrutiny (becasue the musician is no longer “producing”)

    Just look at the wide array of horrible Hendrix recordings that have been seeping out for almost 40 years now…and of course all the Elvis musical attrocities

  5. We’ve now been discussing releasing the press conference through a German music company. It would take at least two discs to cover, and due to licensing would be the only way to get an actual release

    The company also deals in “unauthorized” interview discs and grey area reissues and repackages

  6. The last few comments here have resembled something between spam and a shouting match. I have removed them and disabled further comments to this post. When there is definite news of the release of this audio I hope to be the first to let you know.

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