Zoot grows Finnish

Mikko Kapanen, lead singer and guitarist of Helsinki, Finland based “psychedelic hard rock” band Spektriis wrote in. The band is currently finishing up work on its debut album which they are hoping to have released some time in the first half of 2009.

“The reason I’m telling this,” Mikko wrote, “is that we had the immense pleasure of getting Bill Harkleroad to record a guitar solo for one of the tracks. We have uploaded five out of the ten tracks on the album to our MySpace profile at http://www.myspace.com/spektriis including the track in question, called “Black Hole Eyes”. We made a point of not mentioning Harkleroad’s participation on our MySpace at this point, because the last thing we want to do – out of respect to him and ourselves – is to appear to be riding on his name. However, since we have made the track available, I just can’t keep this from my fellow diehard Beefheart fans until the album’s release.”

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