Witness to Don and Jan’s wedding to publish book

I’ve received a note from Mike Bugbee who provided us with his excellent eye-witness account of Don and Jan’s wedding a few years ago. He’s got a book coming out soon (unrelated to the wedding) and

Michael Bugbee is the author of a soon-to-be-published novel, Notes from Hotel Misterioso, from Mline Books.

The official publication date is April 1, 2007, but beginning in January 2007 prepublication copies are available through www.mlinebooks.com, $14.95 U.S. or $17.95 Canadian plus shipping.

Inquiries to: info@mlinebooks.com.

If you haven’t read Mike’s wedding account yet, you really should – it is one of my very favourite items here on beefheart.com and offers a unique and touching insight into Don’s life and marriage. If you have read it then you will probably want to check out his book too.


  1. Sure is a terrific little story of Mike’s. He does write well. It’s one of the very few descriptions of Jan. The love of Don’s life. I wonder how she is keeping. It’s like she’s the mother of his baby. I hope she keeps on keepin’ good. Happy birthday Don. For he’s a jolly good fellow and so say all of us. Hip pip hooray.

  2. I hadn’t read the wedding account before. It is unique and touching, as you write. Great to have some background on the person so important to Vliet. I saw her a couple times as they walked arm in arm before and after one show.

    Long after the show Vliet and her came out of the venue heading to the bus waiting for them. She smiled as us half dozen or so die hard fans and quietly said good night leaving Vliet with us. After a few bon mots from “The Capt” and rah rahs from the fans the conversation devolved into the eternal, “how rough it is touring” line of talk. At that Vliet took his leave quoting John Lee Hooker, “We’ll never get out of these blues alive.”


  3. Ave!

    When Don was hangin’ around Landcancer in 80s, Jan was somewhere else—where? DVV lived with his ApesMa, ah believe. Once he invited me to do some, er, peruvian gliding, and then off to a secret desert convent where the nun-hos would drink whiskey with us, and hump us in the dark……….I’m still waiting for addy……..

    and in related news, legendary Sun City Girls Charlie (of Phoenix AZ) is dead at 54: years of bad booze pall malls and crew sluts, probably. Charlie and the bishop boys (and some of the SCG hangers on) loved DVV. Too bad he didn’t love them back, at least much.

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