Tweetin’ things ‘n twinkling lights

EMI sent news today of some digital Beefheart wonderment which they’ve created for your especial delectation. A new page at EMI’s website offers free downloads of Beefheart related computer and telephone add-ons.

EMI’s geegaws and gimcracks include e-mail signatures, mobile telephone screensavers, computer wallpaper, a couple of computer alert sounds (which don’t seem to be taken from the Virgin catalogue), plus flashing messenger icons. See and hear EMI’s Beefheart freebies here.

In addition to this, the newly remastered Beefheart CDs on EMI/Virgin each come with a chance to order a Captain Beefheart ringtone. These cost £3 each, plus the cost of ordering. The ringtones are Sugar Bowl, Bluejeans And Moonbeams, Bat Chain Puller, Making Love To A Vampire With A Monkey On My Knee and Ice Cream For Crow. Sadly, the song Telephone from Doc At The Radar Station was not included.


  1. Wonder why the two “Alerts” are mp3 snippets from Trout Mask Replica?!
    And WHO would want to be reminded of Bluejeans & Moonbeams on their desktop everyday!?
    Thanks though…

  2. A few interesting Beefheart clips on youtube (and FZ as well).

    Big Dig

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