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Paris Hilton and Captain Beefheart

A photograph of a Trout Mask Replica CD has started to circulate on the web. This may be because of the particular woman who is holding the CD.

Yesterday the picture appeared here – but it was first posted on on August 16th [now removed]. Where will the photograph turn up next? Is this the most trivial story I’ve ever posted – or the most unlikely?


  1. Now I don’t know whether to find Paris hot, or burn my TMR album.

  2. …probably best to find a shelter in the desert; I’m certain this foreshadows the onset of nuclear destruction…

  3. Someone probably stuck that cd in her hand and snapped a couple of quick pics.

  4. So the day has finally come when somehow famous self aggrandizing hipsters are using Beefheart to try to gain artistic credentials. That picture mad me sad.

  5. I’m confused. Is this real, or a Photoshop masterpiece? Why would she be holding TMR? I’m still confused!

  6. Maybe she can’t be saved–probably not. Don’t burn yr disc over it though. That won’t help.

  7. Don likes the ladies. I’m sure he would dig Paris. Maybe they would look at the clouds together, while Don described different images in the sky and Paris would give him a needed hand (if you know what I mean).

  8. I’m with buddhamonkeydevil…
    in other words, “Not bloody likely!”

  9. If the photo gets out widely there’ll be so many little girls looking for Trout Mask Replica, it could easily eclipse all previous sales of the album

  10. this can be only but good if it exposes the work of beefheart to a generation raised on idol and big brother, but why the obvious TMR? Shiny Beast and Mirror Man are better intros, I’d personally like to take PH for a ride on my tarotplane!

  11. Why TMR? Well Paris does like the hardcore…

  12. That’s right, the Mascara Snake. Hardcore. Trout Mask Replica and Lick My Decals Off Baby are two of the great artworks of the 20th century. Why shield people from the fact. Lame introductions to try and get people to like Beefheart are only looking for a pat on the back for ourselves. Thirty years and yesterday was the first time I’d sat here and took a hard look at the words of Sugar and Spikes. That guy is further out than we can even reach. Imagine the furore if Paris was holding a Decals CD – bet she’d absolutely love One Red Rose That I Mean.

  13. if 10 0000 Paris fan buy the album and 2000 find it cool that’s alright with me!
    anyway bourgeoisie has always define in the end what is art(do anybody there could buy a Van Gohg????)

  14. Double-you.




    That’s the sound of the biggest chunk of cognitive dissonance bashing through my mind since,… well, maybe since absorbing the idea of David “extremely white Bread” Gates producing a Beefheart recording,…

    If the two things in that picture are now conflated in my mind, I may have to strangle someone.


  15. Daft tart probably thought it was a hand-mirror!
    Don’t fret about it folks! Hitler was a vegetarian but…..

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