The Hollow Cane Clicked Like Ever After by Tim

I have been a Beefheart fan for about 30 years now and have many stories I could tell about how I feel and about collecting his music etc., but will save all that for another time. One story I would like to tell, though: I saw The Captain at Irving Plaza in NYC the day after John Lennon was killed (12/9/80.)

The crowd was in a melancholy mood, waiting for the show to start. When the Captain finally hit the stage, he began the show with an improvised soprano sax solo, which lasted for a few minutes. When it was over, he bent over the mike and said: ‘That was from John, through Don, for Sean.’ It was a profound statement that was breathtaking. I’ll never forget it. Pure genius.

-Tim, April 1998


  1. Tim, Thank you for sharing your memory, it’s beautiful.
    Thank you Captain Beefheart for what you gave the world.

    1. I was there as well.then they played an unannounced show at MUDD CLUB.How I survived is a mystery

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