It was with great sadness that I heard Alex had died from a massive heart attack. He was 64. One of the original Magic Band guitarists, Alex can justifiably be known as the original ‘Captain Beefheart’, being the prime mover to get the band together and the musical director and organiser in the early days. In an interview in 1973 Don was asked how it all started and he had this to say:- Alex St. Claire called me – you know, the fellow who was on ‘Safe As Milk’. He had a great influence on Jimi Hendrix when he was in England. Anyway, he callsRead More →

Stupid heart, cupid heart Where will you go from here? Magnetic ring, magnetic draw Ooh, what you got me into? I’m a wolf, chrome craw Leavin’ you now – I’ll write ya, ma Takin’ a putt up to Carson City Well, if you hear me howlin’ Wehell, sittin’ pretty Tasted nitty gritty Puttin’ on into Carson City Sparks, tattoos, two tats and a toot Helmets, crosses, and a patch to boot Engine hot, pipes burn white Glad I’m not home tonight Five miles back I took a spill – Thought I almost paid my bill Makin’ my putt to Carson City Party time with theRead More →