Our news-editor Derek follows his yellow brick road

I’d like to offer a sincere big thank you to Derek, our erstwhile news editor, for all his help and close attention to detail over the last few years.

He’s conducted an impressive Big Dig through anything with even a faint whiff of Beefheart about it and brought us some really interesting and illuminating stories. Who could forget Derek’s interview with Herb Bermann; a character so mysterious in the Beefheart universe that many have even posited he didn’t exist? Derek tracked him down, interviewed him and delivered the results to you here at beefheart.com

I’m sure Derek will still pop up here occasionally in the future with a few scrupulously chased tid-bits of Beefheart trivia / import but in the main I’m going to resume news-editor duties due to competing claims on Derek’s time.

Thanks Derek, you’ve kept thinks moving on here at beefheart.com so beautifully. I’m sure our regular and occasional readers will miss your contributions greatly and I’m very grateful for all of your efforts.


  1. Hear hear, your work for radar stn is very much appreciated Derek

  2. We're very greatful indeed! Thanks a lot, always a pleasure reading up on all things Beefheart here at the newspage!

  3. Defintely, Derek – you'll definitely be missed. Thanks for all your hard work!

  4. I've appreciated all your efforts, Derek. Have a good trip. bp

  5. So, Derek, what are you up to? Thanks so much for all of your kindnesses and scholarship.

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